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Suhani — A Soothing Treatment to Your Skin

We all are possessive about our skin, especially about our face. Every one of us wants a light skin free from any spots and wrinkles. And to have that we adopt a lot of products that can lighten our skin. We keep on buying skin lightening cream for men and women, which is new, latest on trend. But as a result, we don't get a satisfying one. So we switch to other products with a hope of getting a positive result. But we end up with reactions and side effects on the skin.

Suhani is an advanced Hydroquinone Free Skin Whitening formula which lightens our skin by lightening the unwanted spots. Our product is considered to be the best skin lightening cream. The cream basically works lightening acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads and purifies the blood. The cream helps in pigmentation and getting rid of itching and irritation.

Our product acts as a natural skin lightening agent ideal for every skin types. Our product is not only a facial lightening serum but also a rejuvenating serum for any skin types. The peeling effects of the serum/cream help to lighten the dark skin reduce the fine lines and a wrinkle, fade the liver spots, and diminish the acne stars.

Our genuine manufacturers use a pure and natural element to produce a product which is totally safe and free from side effects. Our product doesn't contain any harmful agents or any nasty chemicals. We include a few agents that work for a different purpose and are very safe.

The presence of Alpha Arbutin helps to reduce the spots and the hyperactive pigmentation.
The Kojic acid acts as a powerful skin peeling agent as well as prohibits the cause of spots.
The addition of the Mulberry plant on our product shows an effective melanogenesis (melanin production i.e., stops the cause of the production of spots). It possesses a more potent ability than the Kojic acid.
An agent called Octinoxate is used in our sunscreen and other cosmetics products in order to protect from the skin damage.
The presence of Vitamin E Acetate acts as a natural skin-conditioning agent as well as an antioxidant.


We not only sell skin lightening cream for women but also skin lightening cream for men are available with us. Since our product acts on every type of skin, there are no side effects if men use our product. The product slowly works by slowing down the release of hydroquinone through hydrolysis which blocks the Tyrosinase activity and reduces the skin’s pigmentation production. The Alpha Arbutin agent is used at a high 2% concentration and supported with a Hyaluronic Acid for an enhanced result. As a result, the spots are reduced.

Therefore, for a rejuvenating and a light skin, place an order for our Suhani product now. We provide cash on delivery service along with free delivery charges across the nation. So you don’t have to worry about paying as your payment is secured.